Our attorneys specialize in Social Security Disability and we have an exceptional HIV/AIDS Project. We offer educational and informational resources, seminars and you’ll see our staff in the community and hosting events.

Social Security Justice offers affordable legal services utilizing a holistic approach. Holistic law examines your whole life. Working through the legal system can be a challenging process, so we guide you through considering the conditions that allowed the legal issue to arise, help you see how it is impacting your whole life now, and explore ways of resolving it that are the healthiest for your body, mind, and spirit.

Other services offered by Social Security Justice include:

Social Security and Disability

Criminal Defense

Debt Management and Counseling

Personal Injury Law

No Fault Auto

Contract Disputes

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

General Civil Litigation

Character and Fitness Investigations

Estate Planning

You’ll find the highest standard of integrity and professionalism at Social Security Justice. Expense fees (records copying expenses, mileage, postage) are waived for indigent and low income clients.  We offer personalized service to everyone. Each client is assigned a case advocate to assist with needs throughout through the legal process, in addition to an attorney who will focus on quality representation.